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          Contact us
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          Developed CG125 Timing gear and supply to Sundiro-Honda, Jialing, Zongshen, Lifan, and Lonxin etc.

          Supplied KRF timing cam gear to Sundiro-honda
          Supplied KRS clutch outer assy to Sundiro-honda
          Supplied KPH clutch outer assy and gear primary driven to Sundiro-honda
          The company moved to Jingkou Industrial Zone, occupied over 33000 square meter.

          Supplied ATV gear-box gear to Team Industries in USA
          Supplied diesel engine balancer to Ishikawajima in japan
          Started to develop and produce paper friction material getting the supports from HGA

          Supplied gear-box gear of golf car to TEAM Industries in USA
          Supplied scooter gear and shaft to Wuyang-Honda
          Established clutch workshop with the capabilities of key parts production and quality control.

          Developed KRS clutch assy to Sundiro-honda, completed trial production approval and started mass production.
          Supplied scooter gear and clutch assy to TVS in India.
          R&D center awarded ¡°Technology Innovation Center¡± by Shapingba government

          Supplied cub clutch assy to Yamaha
          Awarded ¡°Top 20 Enterprise¡± by Shapingba government

          Awarded ¡°Reemployment Outstanding Enterprise¡± in Shapingba Dist in 2011
          Stock system reformed and changed the name to Chonqqing Wangcheng Technology Co Ltd

          Awarded ¡°Shapingba Outstanding Private Enterprise¡±
          Awarded ¡°Chongqing Outstanding Private Enterprise¡±
          R&D center awarded ¡°Choangiqng Technology Innovation Center¡±
          Clutch assy awarded ¡°Chongqing Famous Product¡±
          Clutch assy and ATV gear-box gear awarded ¡°Chongqing High-tech Products¡±

          Start-up new office and workshop establish in Taiwanese industrial zone, Chongqing University Town
          Awarded ¡°Chongqing High-tech Enterprise¡±


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          Address£ºShapingba District of Chongqing wellhead Industrial Park TEL£º023-65181261 FAX£º023-65184202